Here are five simple ways you can knock up to
R445 000 off your tax bill

Dear Taxpayer,

In the past 12 months, I’ve shown 1 200 small business owners, like yourself, how to knock up to R445 000 of their tax bill using these five simple tips:
  1. Knock R22 400 off your doubtful debts by having just four elements in your debt policy
  2. Follow these eight rules and you can knock R4 000 off the flowers you buy for your reception area
  3. Take R168 000 off your company car tax if you do this one thing
  4. Can’t afford to pay your creditors? Here’s just one way you can save R10 500 in Capital Gains Tax
  5. Use these five steps to save R240 000 in tax if you’re planning on retiring and sell your company
And those aren’t the only secrets I’ve shown them.

Negotiating your way through the tax laws and never-ending tax changes is a minefield.

The 442 pages of the Tax Act. The 48 page tax amendment bill. The 13 different types of taxes. The constant deadlines. Your monthly, quarterly and annual tax obligations. The threats of 200% in penalties.

It doesn’t stop!

But, today, I’m going to introduce you to the best kept ‘secret weapon’ in the market.

In the last six months, this ‘secret weapon’ has helped 1 200 business taxpayers discover:

And that’s just the beginning!

Can you imagine the time, energy and stress you could save if you had someone tell you, every single month, which deadlines you need to remember, new innovative ways to legally pay less tax, what sneaky updates SARS has just launched, what the court judgments are telling you about SARS’ interpretations of the tax laws and, most importantly, exactly how to use this information for your business?

That’s the power of the ‘secret weapon’ I’m going to tell you about today.

And today, I’m going to show you exactly how to get your hands on it. But first, let me introduce myself…

Your guide through the never-ending tax maze…

My name’s Natalie Cousens and I’m the managing editor of the Practical Tax Loose Leaf. And I literally receive, hundreds of questions about tax.

Questions like:

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the ‘secret weapon’ – The Practical Tax Loose Leaf.

This resource is your guide through the South African tax maze. In it, you’ll get:

But that’s just the start!

The Practical Tax Loose Leaf will give you access to information that most unsuspecting business tax payers will only hear about when it’s too late.

Time and time again I’ve heard stories of unsuspecting business owners, like you and me, falling into business tax traps because of something they didn’t know.

We find every tax update and change that SARS tries to hide under a mountain of red-tape and gives it to you in an easy-to-understand, actionable way. That’s what The Practical Tax Loose Leaf has done for the past 13 years.

Here are some more of the secret’s we’ve revealed in the past few months…

But, as I’ve already told you, The Practical Tax Loose Leaf is far more than just a way to avoid getting on SARS’ radar. We’ll show you at least one more way to save on tax. And to get started on this tax-saving mission we’re giving you…

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Pay the least tax without getting on SARS’ radar…

Here at The Practical Tax Loose Leaf, we understand how complicated trying to save tax can get.

Take the company car vs. travel allowance debate many business people have to think about. Which option will give you the greatest tax savings? Figuring out the answer to this question can get complicated but, with The Practical Tax Loose Leaf, it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s look at a practical example to show you what I mean…

Mr Jones, an employee of ABC Ltd, was given the option of either a company car (at a cost price of R250 000 including Vat, but excluding finance charges) or a vehicle allowance (based on the same type of vehicle as the company car option of R250 000).

Mr Jones is a sales rep for ABC Ltd and travels about 45 000 km per year. He keeps a logbook of business and private travel. His business travel is 35 000 km and private is 10 000 km.

Let’s examine the options and determine which will give him the greater advantage.

In a recent update to The Practical Tax Loose Leaf, we showed a detailed explanation about why the company car is the better option because it saves the company up to R52 268 over three years.

This is just one example of how The Practical Tax Loose Leaf can help you save on tax.

In the past six months alone, The Practical Tax Loose Leaf readers have saved R42 050 in tax and now it’s your turn to join them. Simply fill in your risk-free order form at the bottom of this page and become a part of this group of savvy business taxpayers today.

And we’ll also give you access to this essential service…

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All your tax dilemmas SOLVED!

As part of the The Practical Tax Loose Leaf service you get to ask any tax question you might have to our team of FSPBusiness tax experts. That means you’ll never again have to deal with another business tax headache on your own. Simply send us your question and you’ll have an expert with years of experience give you a tailor-made answer.

Here are just six of the questions members of our The Practical Tax Loose Leaf community have asked in the last few months:

•    Does a company have to pay Vat or provisional tax on properties they’ve bought at an auction and then sold?
•    Can a property-owning company claim an annual allowance of 5% on new building erected?
•    Can I structure my employees’ payslip so they pay less tax?
•    Can I apply the usual capital gains tax to shares sold to a Mauritian company?
•    How do I deduct long-service awards?
•    What are the capital gains tax consequences of selling a franchise out of a CC?

What tax question are you going to ask when you join this community? Simply fill in the order-form here and you can send your email as soon as possible!

Your all-in-one tax solution

The Practical Tax Loose Leaf is the only resource that will:

This information could mean the difference between paying the least amount of money and facing penalties of up to 200%!

But, it gets EVEN BETTER…

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And this is just the start

The Practical Tax Handbook comes with an essential updating service, the special report: Take on SARS and Win!, access to the 24/7 expert Tax advice helpdesk and three bonus tax saving reports.

You'll also immediately receive FIVE FREE BONUS GIFTS to  help you take the hassle out of tax, audit-proof your business and make the Receiver your friend!


Combined, these gifts have a total value of R1 200 - Yours absolutely free

To welcome you as a new subscriber, you’ll get instant tax savings, with these FREE five gifts and services:

  1. You’ll find out how to save thousands of rands and precious time with the alternative dispute resolution method.
  2. You have access to a personalised Tax Helpdesk service where a team of tax experts are available 24/7 to answer your specific questions.
  3. 5 Tax deductions to save you over R110 000 in your company today!
  4. How to save R80 660 in Company Car Taxes
  5. 30 Quick Tax Solutions for Busy Taxpayers

Total Value R2 997

But you only pay R997 
(And it's backed with my 100% satisfaction guarantee)


The Practical Tax Handbook is developed by tax experts, who individually charge their clients over R1 000 an hour, but here you pay just R997 for their 24/7 advice.

The full subscription is valued at only R2 997…. which is a pittance, compared to the tax savings you’ll make within a few months.

Today, you can secure the full subscription for as little as R997 excl VAT - a massive R2 000 saving.

Your entire package includes:

The 500 page Practical Tax handbook
valued at R1 797
Essential updating service
billed separately
Take on SARS and Win
valued at R159
Free expert advice to solve your tax problems
valued at R599
Tax deductions that will save you over R110 000
valued at R149
How to save R80 660 in company car taxes
valued at R149
30 Quick tax solutions for busy taxpayers
valued at R149

Lowest Price and Satisfaction Guarantee
When you subscribe to The Practical VAT Handbook Subscription Service, you will be billed based on the option you select. The handbook comes with an essential updating service to keep you on top of legislation and new information. *The cost of each update is R249 incl. Vat. Remember your right to cancel your subscription within 30 days of initial payment should the service not meet your requirements.

Kind Regards,

Natalie Cousens

Managing Editor: The Practical Tax Handbook

PS. Here's my personal guarantee to you. If at any time during the next 30 days, for any reason whatsoever, you decide the Practical Tax Handbook service isn’t for you, simply call or email us and return the Practical Tax Handbook in its original condition.
You will be refunded every cent of the subscription price.
It doesn’t get any simpler than that.
No pressure – no gimmicks – no strings attached.


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